Host Your Birthday Party in NYC at the Best Event Spaces

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Event

These days partying outdoors or hiring any event space is certainly considered more suitable because arranging any birthday celebration might become very tedious or sloppy. Events in fantastic places provided by the popular event spaces in NYC help make your event much more special and full of excitement.

Listed here are the most popular event spaces in NYC that are well known for arranging birthday parties and other events.

Garden Of Ono: This garden remains open only between May and November. It is used to organize special events such as wedding receptions, birthday parties and other such occasions. This magnificent place includes a very elegant outdoor lounge that appeals to more than 20 hot shots. It is quite popular for organizing event parties in NYC; the food and refreshment provided by this event arena takes it to the topmost rank.

Bryant Park: It is situated amid streets between 40th and 42nd and the avenues between 5th and 6th, located behind the NY Public Library. This event space provides the perfect venue to organize any event in NYC. Over the last few years plenty of events have been organized at this place which are still fondly remembered and appreciated by everybody.

Thompson Hotel: It is a fantastic place to organize any birthday celebration or some other events. The staff, food and refreshment, and the service of this hotel are simply exceptional. This stunning hotel is situated at the top that offers plenty of spectacular landscapes. This event space is ideal for hosting any small event as the lounge here is small when compared with some other event spaces in NYC. But nevertheless, this is a wonderful event space to host any small or medium sized event.

New York City has never seen any slide in its celebration which might be due to these great event spaces available that encourage people to celebrate more and more.

event spaces

event spaces

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