Choosing the Right Food for Your Reception

Often, one of the most extravagant parts of a wedding is the food. You certainly deserve high quality food, drinks, and desserts on your big day, and guests often expect to be wowed by the spread. The best part about choosing the food is that it doesn’t have to be difficult; when you choose one of the best wedding venues on Long Island, you can rest assured that you’ll have the dedicated assistance of staff in planning your perfect menu. Windows on the Lake suggests that you weigh all of your options, and then start to get creative with your menus! Here are just a few options you can choose:

Not only do buffets offer a larger selection and interactive stations, but they’re also perfect for weddings that are a little less formal and traditional. With a buffet, your guests can eat when they please, leaving them free to mingle and dance as much as they wish! Additionally, they’ll be pleased with the wider selection that a buffet offers, and having unique stations (like a build-your-own-baked-potato, for example, or other such interactive choices) is both satisfying and fun.

For smaller weddings, or for those who would like a more formal atmosphere, a sit-down banquet dinner is an elegant choice. While the selection of foods will be smaller, guests can enjoy the luxury of a quieter, more formal dinner while conversation flows.

If you’re on a tighter budget, you can always choose a cocktail reception. During this type of reception, only hors d’ouevres will be served. Guests are free to mingle and dance, with a wide selection of small bites to choose from. You have the ability to make this type of reception as formal or as casual as you wish.

And Don’t Forget… the Cake
Choosing your wedding cake is a whole other part of the planning process, and a whole other article can be written about to how to choose!  There are several factors to take into consideration: the taste, the design, the colors, the size… you’ll want to work closely with your caterer to design the more gorgeous – and delicious – cake possible.

Lastly, don’t forget to hold a tasting to help you decide upon which foods to serve, and make sure that your catering hall can work with you in terms of dietary restrictions or special menus. With the right planning, your wedding will be truly delicious–in every way.

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