How To Become A Female Jazz Singer

Most women have made up their mind about their career while in high school. If you have decided that you’d like to be the next great female jazz singer, you probably wonder what to do or what to study. You probably like music, jazzy numbers especially and are probably in choir or band, if offered. During college, you’ll probably learn more about the music itself and its history, as well as learning about improvisation. However, that isn’t everything you’ll need to know.


While practice makes perfect, you’ll want to invest in a microphone as soon as possible because they allow you to do more with your voice in such a way that it is audible. Jazzy pieces often include whispering and other things that can be hard to pick up, so getting a microphone and practicing with it will help you find out how “loud” of a whisper you need. Once you feel comfortable with your microphone, record yourself to hear how you sound and what needs  to be improved, because it will help you feel more confident and learn. Then, you can look for open mic nights at local clubs to start getting out there.

Your Key

Every song is played in a particular key, but you can always change the key to fit your needs. Others will work on singing perfectly in all keys or as many as possible, giving them more leeway when picking songs that will require fewer changes. Whether you sing with recorded music or have a band, it is necessary to understand them so you can sing comfortably and well.


Getting some songbooks will help you learn jazz in a new and better way. As a female singer, you’ll want to stick with the greats for a while, whether they were originally played by men or women. This way, you’ll start picking up the variations of jazzy ensembles and will be able to start playing around them with, adding your personal touches and improvisation skills as you get better.

Coaching and Help

In most cases, you won’t be able to go it alone and will likely need to hire a coach. When doing so, make sure they understand the genre you prefer and ensure they have experience with that type. It will help when singing because they will be able to tell you what you need to do for that particular genre of music instead of something vague.

Learning to be a female jazz singer isn’t an easy task, but can be very rewarding. Sylvia Brooks is a popular vocalist of the jazzy persuasion, so visit her website today to learn more.

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