Joining the Ranks of Classic American Jazz Vocalists

The small club of classic American jazz vocalists is no easy club to break into. It is a small group of professionals that have honed their talents to deliver unforgettable music entertainment. Being an artist that can be counted among the ranks of the classic jazz vocalists is a hard-won accolade.

The Sounds
Jazz vocalists dedicate their craft to delivering one of a kind sound that is simply unmatched in any other genre. From smoky sounds to soft silky arrangements and everything in between the jazz vocalists have the market cornered on really displaying their vocal abilities. They are a tight bunch of vocalists that travel in a very small circle.

Joining the Club
To be able to break into the American jazz classic vocal ranks you must be a very talented vocalist and bring that extra with you. Very few vocalists have what it takes to earn the classification as a classic jazz artists but the ones that do have:

  • Fully flexible vocal skills
  • A commanding stage presence
  • The ability to captivate the audience

Sylvia Brooks is one of those modern-day jazz singers that delivers the performances that has catapulted her into the rankings of a classic jazz vocalist. She has the vocal flexibility that shines with all the old favorites and the range to compete with today’s modern jazz sounds as well.

Worth a Listen
Whether you are a diehard jazz aficionado or simply someone that is interested in the genre, Sylvia Brooks is a must listen to artist. She delivers the range of vocals that can both lull you to another place in time and get you up and tapping your feet. She is one of the newer generations of classic jazz vocalists that is having a great impact on the genre.

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