Learn How to Create Beautiful Spaces in the Historic City of Chicago

Working in interior design requires a very specific understanding of how people relate to space. Interior architecture schools provides you with the tools to resolve design imperatives and spatial needs. Providing you with interdisciplinary understanding of the functional and the aesthetic is a big part of why a formal degree is necessary. Take your passion to the next level by pursuing interior architecture at a learning institution.

Learning the Balance of Wants and Needs

The biggest challenge of working in interior architecture is understanding how to balance what is wanted with what is needed for a space. Interior architecture schools manage this by giving you real world projects in which you have to design as if you were working for a real client. Project and classroom based instruction give you the foundation that you need to become successful.

Understanding the Role of the Mind in Space

Deconstructive instructions techniques will help you to interrogate spaces. You will end up with a better understanding of why certain features work and why other do not. This type of instruction relies on a deemphasis of conventions and an emphasis on the person or persons who will occupy the space.

Forming Connections for Future Success

Beyond expanding your toolset and your conceptualization of practice, the program will connect you with people who will potentially become your colleagues and collaborators. These connections can greatly increase your ability to successfully work in your field. Everyone will both support and challenge each other.

Interior architecture schools will give you the experiences needed to be best positioned for a successful career. They will help you to understand historical successes as well as techniques for working with clients with a strong individuality. You will form connections that will last your entire career, and help you to be a better professional.

Contact School of the Art Institute of Chicago for more information.

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