The Appeal of Planning and Having a Lake Geneva Country Club Wedding

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Wedding Venues

You want your wedding to go off without a proverbial hitch. You also want to have it at an inclusive location, so you avoid having to travel between places for the ceremony, reception, pictures, and other aspects of it.

To ensure your big day is all you want it to be, you might forgo having it in a church or other religious house. Instead, you may get the accommodations you want when you plan and host a Lake Geneva country club wedding.

Inclusive Amenities

When you host your wedding at this type of location, you can get inclusive amenities that can make the big day easier and more convenient to enjoy. For example, you may want to offer your guests lunch or dinner after the ceremony. You need to hire a caterer to prepare the menu and serve it to your guests.

Instead of hiring an outside caterer, you may get onsite catering offered to you through the club. You can also have setup and takedown of the reception and dance included with your big day. You avoid having to hire outside contractors for these amenities.

The venue may also be large enough to hold all of the guests you plan to invite. You may also hold the ceremony outside for added beauty to your big day.

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