Tips to Dressing for Modeling Photos

Modeling is one of the most arduous careers that one could embark on. The most important thing for most models to do in their work would be to take the best modeling photos. These are part of your resume thus they could make or break your career. However, dressing up for modeling shoots is not something that most aspiring models know how to do. Granted, you will be informed earlier on whether you will be provided with wardrobe or not but there are still a few things that you could do to ensure that you have dressed appropriately for modeling photos.

1. Carry nude lingerie: You never know what type of fabrics you will be made to wear during a photo shoot. You also may not know what colors the clothes will be. By carrying nude lingerie, you can rest assured that loud colored undergarments will not be showing up in your pictures. Carry some nude colored G-strings as well as some nude colored strapless bras. These will prevent any lines showing through the clothes that you will be wearing. Lighting also tends to accentuate one’s undergarments and that is why nude colored lingerie would be your best bet.

2. Dress casually: What most aspiring models do as a mistake is dress up for a photo shoot. Getting there overdressed will not only waste your own time but it will also waste the photographer’s time. Wear clothes that are simple and easy to get out of. A model’s attire for photo shoots should consist of a white tank top and blue jeans. If you are asked to carry clothes for the shoot, do not arrive wearing them, you could end up sweating on your way to the shoot and these sweat marks on your underarms will be apparent on the clothing.

3. Swim wear: If you are going for an audition or a swim wear shoot, then a swim suit would be essential. Carry several pieces but ensure that they are all flattering. Whether you are comfortable in a two piece or a one piece, it should be a swim suit that plays up all the flattering parts of your body. One thing to note with the one piece swim suits is that you should steer clear of those that have many floral prints. The whole point of the modeling photos is to show off your figure thus take swimsuits that will not detract attention away from your curves.

4. Jewelry: Keep the jewelry to a minimum when you are going to shoot modeling photos. Instead of large dangling earrings, opt for a simple pair of studs that will complement your face without being the main focal point. Also, steer clear from numerous bangles and chains. One simple bracelet or one necklace will suffice.

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