Want a Career in the Art World? Consider Getting a Masters in Arts Management

Many people mistakenly believe that art careers are limited to creatives that can draw, paint, or create otherwise stunning works of art. While artists make up a huge portion of this industry, there’s more to the art world than that.

If you’d like to pursue a career in the art industry, consider going the route of arts management. Read on to learn the benefits of getting an arts management degree.

Become Better in Business
Many artists fail to recognize the business side of the art world. Whether an artist is selling a painting or trying to sign a contract, business dealings are at the heart of the industry. To better prepare yourself for success as an artist, it’s helpful to strengthen your business acumen. By studying arts management, you’ll be well equipped to handle the business side of the industry while pursuing your creative endeavors as well.

Give Yourself More Career Options
In addition to helping you become a better business person, a master’s in arts management can also expand your career options. Most artists find themselves pigeonholed in the job market once they graduate with a degree in art. Instead of limiting yourself to a career in teaching or a similar profession, a degree in arts management can expand your vocational horizons.

Many students that study arts management go on to become creative directors, project managers, art therapists, and more. Even if you choose to solely focus on your art, having the knowledge and experience that a master’s degree provides will set you apart from others in your field. Learn more about getting a masters in arts management from School of the Art Institute of Chicago now.

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