Want to Remove the Stress From Trade Shows? Hire an Exhibit Builder

Preparing for a trade show event is no easy undertaking. An exhibit builder can remove some of the stress for you. This is true whether your plan is to rent or own your trade show exhibit. It is the perfect plan even if you exhibit only once a year. It is even better if you have several trade shows on your annual calendar.

Hiring an Exhibit Builder

Not all exhibit builders are created equal. Even the computer programs of the same name differ. If you decide to hire an individual to do the job for your company, you need to make sure you are getting the best fit. Do not hire someone simply based on his or her presence in a trade magazine. Do your research first.

It is always important to do a background business check. Ask around and find about the company’s record. Look at the body of work they have done. Go online and check their website. Look at their sample work, read the testimonials then contact these customers. It will provide you with the basics.
Once you have decided this is the individual you want to work with, contact them. Arrange a face-to-face and take it from there. Make sure you have an idea of what you want before you go to the meeting. Be specific.

Want and Needs

Every trade show is a chance to showcase your company and its products. You need to make the most of it. Be sure you have a list of wants and/or needs to give the exhibit builder. Although your company has its own specifics, a general list should contain:

1. Graphics – very important in getting your company’s message across. Consider the necessity of a logo or other means of branding

2. Hanging signs or other related signing types and forms

3. Lighting – accent or broad spectrum

4. Architectural elements or a straightforward booth design

Whatever you want, make sure it also what your company needs – to generate the specific effect you want from competition, potential clients and prospective salespeople. Whatever you want, your exhibit builder must be able to deliver in a way that satisfies your company’s needs.

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