Want to Study Journalism? Find Appropriate Grad Programs

Journalism is an exciting field in which to work, as you can work in many areas. You can be a photo-journalist or deal with social media, but you can also be a sports journalist and much more. Before you can get such lucrative jobs, you’ll need to be educated, and grad programs are the perfect solution.

What is it?

The MA in New Arts Journalism helps you learn the necessary skills to write for diversified audiences. Of course, the primary goal is to write about the arts, as well, which ensures that you can stick to what you are passionate about and love. You will not only learn the theory of writing but will also get to practice it. Along with such, you’ll get to work closely with a variety of professionals, such as art historians, artists, art critics, and cultural theorists who are connected to a major museum.

These grad programs are designed in 36-credit options that should take about two years to complete. There are four semesters, and you also have an optional study trip where you will travel and see things in action. You’ll also be required to complete your portfolio or thesis before you graduate.

Why Consider It

While it will be exciting to talk to other writers, artists, and designers, you will be able to have a career in or within the fine-arts industry. You can learn more about the arts and study to become a journalist all at the same time. Whether you are already an aspiring journalist or feel that this career path is the right choice for you, you can refine your writing and communication skills.

Journalism is an excellent career choice for many, but you must get the education necessary to be successful. Visit School of the Art Institute of Chicago at http://www.saic.edu to see the grad programs available.

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