3 Reasons You Should Be Looking at Wedding Venues in Suffolk County

You do not want to overlook wedding venues in Suffolk County. When you are searching for a place to have your wedding reception don’t stop at the beginning of the Island or stay in the city, you may be selling yourself short. There are 3 reasons why you should have Suffolk County on your list of place to look for a wedding venue.

  1. There are some great venues
  2. It is far enough without being too far
  3. You may save some costs

The Great Venues

There are some really great possibilities out a little bit further on the island that you will not find in the city or closer to the border. Driving out just a litter bit longer on the island can result in you finding the venue of your dreams.

It is far ENOUGH

You want your wedding to be an event. Riding up the street does not feel like an event it feels more like a ride up the block. The beauty of going a little ways out on the island is that it feels like you are doing something really special. It makes the entire event seem a little better planned and important, yet it is not so far out that you feel like you are traveling to far away to accommodate guests.

You May Be Able to Save

Costs maybe similar but the value is greater when you go further out on the island. You get more bang for your buck and you get an overall a better setting.

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