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by | Apr 5, 2012 | Amusement parks

Amusement parks are an exciting and enjoyable venue to be for people of any age. The good thing about visiting an amusement park is the many exciting rides you can enjoy. There are various things to do and fun-filled events to participate in at amusement parks to help keep families completely enthralled for hours together. These parks provide rides, tours, games and excellent food and refreshment. It is wonderful when children together with their parents and elders get to play and enjoy themselves when they visit these types of parks.

Amusement parks in the US have been providing unlimited fun for quite some time. The first recognized amusement park was set up in Coney Island in Brooklyn where they offered exciting sideshows, circus, carnival rides for their visitors coupled with games, and funfair. Another fascinating thing about amusement parks is the high quality food. If you love goodies and snacks you will love eating at amusement parks. There is so much variety to pick from and these food items are really easy to have while strolling through the parks.

Amusement parks have evolved a long way since Coney Island. Walt Disney, for instance, took these parks to a completely new level! Walt built a wonder world called Disneyland that is situated in Anaheim, CA. Not forgetting yet another kingdom of his called Walt Disney World that rests down the middle of Orlando, FL. The two of these have transformed the way we perceive amusement parks with larger rides, more events and food choices and areas to discover.

Roller coasters particularly may be among the most thrilling activities to do at an amusement park. The high adrenaline kick you will enjoy when riding a roller coaster is simply an incredible feeling! The United States has the fastest and tallest roller coasters which are situated from coast to coast. If you are not the one to enjoy the high speed of a roller coaster you may want to look at a few of the games that most amusement parks provide. Whatever your enjoyment is you are certain to find it at the amusement parks in the US.

amusement park

amusement park

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