Australian Tourist Attractions

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Tourists are spoiled for choice when they arrive at the vast, brown land seeking the perfect Australian tourist attractions. Tourist attractions in Australia is as diverse as it gets- certain Australian wildlife nature parks right through to splendid mountain landscapes like the Three Sisters in the Azure Mountains.

The Jenolan Caves in the Azure Mountain range in New South Wales are yet another lovely tourist attraction in Australia. Many tourists who like to enjoy the darkish, cool channels of the large cavern network reaching in under the mountain range are fascinated by this area. Even during the hottest time you must dress yourself in a cozy jacket when taking some of the subterranean tours into the caverns. Not surprisingly these are not the only caves in the country; there are several others.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Great Barrier Reef. No troubles of putting on warm garments when exploring this exotic paradise. The tourist could be on an outing in the briefest of clothes that is suitable for fishing, snorkeling, or whichever other interest is wanted.

Of the numerous travel attractions around Australia, Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and several other zoos will enthrall tourists with all the many wonderful and sometimes unusual Australian animals they preserve, along with spectacular wildlife from other nations around the world. Zoos are among the most famous tourist attractions and can be seen in most provinces of Australia. A few, like Sydney’s Taronga Park Zoo are in popular cities, while some are in bigger country towns like Dubbo, NSW. This offers the tourist an opportunity to escape from the city and revel in the huge variety of the Australian country side.

Surfing and beaches are tourist attractions anywhere you go, however in Australia these are possibly even more desired. The breathtaking sand and blue water free from any pollution is a great aspect of the Australian seaside regions. They provide beach lovers and anglers a different surfing or fishing experience that is unique to Australia.

tourist attractions

tourist attractions

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