Benefits Of Hosting Your Chicago Wedding Reception In The Suburbs

When planning your wedding reception, it is tempting to choose a venue within the city limits. There are many hotels for your guests to stay along with restaurants, attractions, and shopping they can enjoy while they are in town. These activities can be quite exciting, yet the hustle and bustle can steal the focus from your wedding events. Instead, you can pick a venue in the suburbs, which will allow your reception to remain on the forefront. Here are the benefits you will gain.


Typically, everything you need will be much more expensive if you book them within a busy city area. The venue, caterers, and florist will have a higher number of customers to work with and will need to navigate challenging traffic situations to get set up for your event. Alternately, a wedding reception in Chicago suburbs will have the same items, but at economical prices. You will have the same quality but lower costs due to less competition and easier access.


Many times, when you host an event closer to the downtown region or closeby, you have to rely on a more urban design to match your surroundings. However, the wedding reception in Chicago suburbs can embrace a large number of ideas surrounding the theme. For instance, scenic rustic statements have been extremely popular in the last few years. You can also consider a garden or romantic focus.

A great place to book for a wedding reception in Chicago suburbs is Carriage Greens Country Club. See their available spaces at their website.

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