Finding The Right Venue

A fun and exciting time for any wedding is the reception. This is when the bride and groom can celebrate their marriage together and with their friends and family. The reception doesn’t have to be a large event. However, you still need to find a location to hold the reception so that everyone is comfortable. When you’re looking for wedding reception venues in Chicago, consider the number of people who could be there as you want to have a little extra space in case more people show up than expected. An empty space might look large from the outside, but once you begin adding tables, chairs, and decorations, it can quickly turn into a crowded venue. Try to visit the venue at the same time another event is set up so that you can see what kind of space you’ll have to work with for your own guests.

As you begin looking at wedding reception venues in Chicago, think about the areas where guests will eat and sit down as well as the areas where guests will dance and have fun. The venue should have a comfortable flow inside for guests to move around instead of feeling as though they are walking on top of each other as this can make the reception a bit awkward. You also need to consider any obstructions that could block guests from clearly seeing the cake when it’s cut or the first dance that the couple has together.

During a reception, you want to have a little privacy from other people who are in the area. While a large banquet hall is an option to consider, there could be other events taking place in some of the other rooms at the same time as your reception. If privacy is an issue, consider holding the reception at a private church or even at your home if there won’t be a lot of guests in attendance.

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