Jump Start Your Modeling Career with Professional Headshots

To get started in the modeling or acting business, you need a professional portfolio. While there are many photographers that can take nice headshots, you may get better photographs from a photographer who has experience on both sides of the camera. A photographer who has been a model can help you understand why they are taking shots in particular poses or in particular wardrobe pieces. Using a former model and actor for your professional headshots can give you an advantage over the competition.

If you or your child is an aspiring model or actor, you can’t trust just anyone to take your headshots. The investment you make in professional photographs for your portfolio should pay for itself in the assignments you are able to book from them. A photographer who has worked in the industry as a model knows what the entertainment industry is looking for in a headshot and can provide that for you.

Many professionals also need a headshot for their corporate website and literature. Because the headshot is the first impression for many clients, it is important for it to be as polished as possible. By using an experienced photographer, professionals can make a great impression for the company.

Hair, makeup and wardrobe are nearly as important as your smile on a headshot. An experienced photographer can ensure that your hair and makeup are perfect for the lighting in the room where the photographs are taken. The difference between an average headshot and a stunning headshot can often be attributed to the hairstyle and makeup of the model. Give yourself the best chances of getting premium modeling jobs by using a photographer such as Guy Viau for your professional headshots.

When you get your Professional headshots by Guy Viau, you get the benefit of his 15 years in the business. He can take fashion or glamour photographs of adults, teens and children. Your children will get special attention from a photographer who specializes in making young models and actors feel comfortable while they are being prepared to photographed and throughout the photo shoot. Guy Viau has a wide assortment of wardrobe items on site but welcomes models to bring any personal items that they would like to have in the photographs with them.

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