There Are Dinner Shows in Chicago Then There is THIS

Dinner shows in Chicago are a great deal of fun but they may not offer the entire experience you are after!  Spending your entertainment dollars wisely is important. You never want to spend your entertainment dollars on anything less than a great experience.  The average dinner shows in Chicago do not offer you the type of experience that you hope to have.  When you really want to have the experience of a lifetime you have to seek out the setting that can provide that!

So Much More Than Dinner and a Show

There is one place in Chicago where you can have the type of unforgettable experience you want to invest in. Whether you are planning:

   * An anniversary
   * A special occasion
   * Birthday
   * Gathering of friends
   * To impress a client

There is only one place that you should have on your list of “must attends”. When you combine a great show, a great meal and sprinkle in a bit of iconic history while you are at it, it is a winning combination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

No matter what the occasion is you can make it so much more special by going to this one iconic club!

Above the Ordinary

You know the routine at most dinner show type places. You eat, you drink and it is splashed with a little entertainment. There is one club that you eat, drink and really have the wow factor. One place that is beyond the ordinary. It takes the entire experience to the extraordinary level of entertainment.

When you want to really enjoy yourself and have plenty to talk about afterwards, there is just one place that should be on your list. The Second City! Get your tickets now and do dinner a show a little differently! Follow us on Twitter for latest updates.

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