Tips to Help You Sing Better

As a singer, one of the first things that you must realize is that your voice is an instrument that is inside of your body and you have to take the time to learn how to properly use it in order to get the most out of it. IN order to have a strong voice, you have to have a type of vocal consistency. There are a number of things that you need to know and do; however, there are also some methods that you can do right away in order to improve your voice.

Some tips, no matter if you are male or Female Vocalists, which you can implement right away to improve your voice are highlighted here.

A quick trick that you can use right away to sound better is to watch your jaw in the mirror as you repeat “A-E-I-O-U.” Did you notice that your jaw closed on one of these vowels. There is a good chance that you closed your jaw when saying the “E” and then the “U.” In order to fix this you can use a bottle cap or wine cork to prop open your jaw, and then repeat the vowels. When you train yourself to say your vowels in this manner, you will improve your voice significantly.

Another tip is to think down when singing high notes. When you begin to sing a scale, you should try to think about the way that an elevator works. A pulley with a heavy weight attached is pulled down and as it moves, the elevator goes to higher floors. This means that when the top floor is reaches, the weight will be at the heaviest. This is similar to singing. You need to use the most “weight” when singing the highest notes.

You also need to achieve more power, without straining. This is a simple singing tip that will be easy for you to apply. In order to do this you simply need to keep your chin in a slight downward point and keep your pectoral muscles flexed slightly when you are trying to get more power. Many singers will lift their chin up or reach forward when they are trying to sing with additional power. While this may be a temporary fix, it will eventually lead to vocal issues. When you tip your chin down, it will work more effectively and help to save your voice. In fact, this will actually sound much better.


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