What Is a Textile Arts Degree and What Does it Offer to Students?

A textile arts degree is a great choice for students who are interested in designing, creating, and managing products made from fabrics. Learning textile arts can offer many benefits to the student including being able to work in a variety of industries such as fashion design or interior design. If you are considering applying to college and want an excellent education with considerable flexibility then this may be the right program for you! This blog post will take a look at what textile arts degrees have to offer and how it differs from other programs that focus on textiles like fashion merchandising or apparel marketing.

Textile Arts Is a Broad Field That Encompasses Many Different Areas

Textiles are used in every industry and there’s always demand for skilled textile artists to create new designs, develop fabrics or work with textured materials like felt woolen cloths. A degree from the program will give you an excellent foundation of skills which can be applied across various fields.

A Degree in Textile Arts May Offer Courses in Weaving, Dyeing, and Printing

The program will provide you with a broad range of skills that can be applied to many different industries. You’ll learn about the history and culture behind textiles, textile design principles as well in-depth courses on weaving, dyeing or printing.

You may also have opportunities for internships at companies looking for talented textile designers to improve and create new products. Are you interested in textile arts? View the programs offered by School of the Art Institute of Chicago today.

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