All about Celebrity Photography

The thought of using photography to share photos of famous people is actually as ancient as the art of photography itself. Through the 1900s and forwards most of the larger portrait studios got into the celebrity picture industry. Every photographer had his niche. As competition became more intense, each studio was inspired, within finances, to draw in celebrities and, if at all, acquire exclusive privileges to them.

Celebrity photography is actually a specialty of photojournalism and deals totally with celebrities in a range of events and settings. Newspapers and magazines usually purchase and run 4 main kinds of celebrity photographs: music photographs, celebrity portraits, paparazzi photos, and event photographs. Celebrity photographers usually focus on one such forms of photography, with paparazzi being the very least revered among these.

Celebrity portraiture is a part of celebrity photography which involves taking official photographs at an official photograph shoot. These photographs might be for a marketing campaign, promotion, newspaper or magazine spreads, or for usage as promo site shots. These photograph shoots are properly organized with a distinct objective in mind.

Music photography is yet another section of celebrity photography which deals exclusively with music artists and groups. Photographs might be presented or taken during shows. Most of the photographs finish up in newspapers, magazines or internet sites while some can be used for advertising products and fan club collectibles.
Event celebrity photography is an additional discipline which involves organized, authorized photographs. Events might include functions, film premiers, wedding ceremonies, music shows, award shows, and private functions. These photographs are often a part of entertainment periodicals and other magazines which track the activities of celebrities.

Paparazzi is the least revered of all kinds of celebrity photography. Paparazzi photography enthusiasts capture candid photographs of celebrities, often without having permission. They go to any lengths to take photographs which they wish will be worth big money, which include trespassing and using extended telephoto lenses. These motivated photographers are known to crash family functions and engage in car chases to get a great photo. Then they sell off these photographs to the largest bidder, which regularly happens to be tabloids or ‘trash’ magazines.

celebrity photography

celebrity photography

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