Four Tips to Keep in Mind When You’re Planning a Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding reception in the Wicker Park area can at first feel overwhelming. It’s important to realize what a big impact the wedding reception will have over guests’ impression of a wedding. You can be sure that you’ll plan a great wedding reception if you keep the following four important tips in mind.

Know How to Keep the Temperature Comfortable

One of the most important things you’ll want to do to make sure that reception guests stay comfortable is controlling the temperature carefully. Guests are not going to have a fond memory of the reception if the temperature is either too hot or too cold and you have no way to make adjustments.

Don’t Go Too Crazy with Activities

While you want to have some activities going on throughout the reception in order to keep guests entertained, you don’t want to go overboard. Make sure that there will be an adequate amount of downtime so guests can relax and mingle in between the activities that you have planned.

Avoid Situations Where Guests Must Wait

You want to plan things out so that the event moves along swiftly. If guests have to wait to be seated in the dining area or for the bar to open at the beginning of the reception, they may start to grow bored. Your job is to keep guests occupied, entertained, and satisfied throughout the experience.

Put Some Thought into Lighting

Lighting is an important consideration that is frequently overlooked when it comes to planning out a wedding reception. You want to make sure that the lighting in your venue is flattering, but still bright enough so that guests can see what they’re doing during the wedding reception. Lighting should be adjustable throughout the event. You’ll want more light for your activities than you need for dancing, for example.

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