Monsoons and Music – The perfect combination

Do we continously look up to the sky expecting the clouds to look with pity upon us and finally break themselves open to let cool, fresh water fall upon us and bring down the mercury to a cooler level? Yes, monsoons are enticing and tempting enough due to the heat and music just adds on to the thrill of having rains pouring down?

Rain songs and Bollywood
Monsoons and music become almost synonymous and who better to know that than Bollywood lovers? Monsoon music and songs have been the staple diet of most of the movies churned out here even today. The already romantic atmosphere that the monsoon brings along is played up by the soft, lilting music in the background and seductiveness reaches a new high with your favourite stars dancing and singing in the rain.

Update your playlist
Here is a list of the top three monsoon songs that are a must to keep in mind with rains just around the corner –

  • Kaate nahi kat thi – Who doesn’t rememebr Sridevi swaying in the rain in her blue saree and calling out ‘I love you’ to the invisible man she loves in the movie, ‘Mr. India’? Bollywood monsoon music at its best.
  • Ab ke sawan – Carnatic music and monsoons share a relationship that transcends language and is music in its purest form. Shubha Mugdal’s ‘Ab ke sawan’, captures the joy of first rains in a highly endearing manner and the voice she renders makes you want to jumo out and dance along.
  • Tip, tip barsa paani – This song has reached a level that states legendary when it comes to rains amd music. Every Bollywood lover swears by this monsoon song as having begun the deacde of monsoon music.

It’s popularity even today implies that we have many more years of Bollywood rain songs to devour and we aren’t complaining now, are we?



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