Online gambling – where it all began

The era of online gaming began in the 90s. The Antigua government legalised gambling over the internet and opened the gates for the onset of a new multi-billion dollar industry. Since the internet transcends all national and international boundaries you can access these games anytime and from anywhere.

The beginning

In 2004 the world trade organization allowed the usage of online gaming sites in the united states. Hence to be precise the first online gaming casino started in the year 1994. This casino was authenticated by the free trade processing zone act. The first among the numerous online gaming casinos was called cryptologic. Cryptologic was also incidentally the first company to offer cash deposit facilities to players online. It was closely followed by other companies like the microgaming corp and starnet communication.

The next step
The next country to legalise online casinos was Canada. The Kanhawake Gaming Commission of Canada was set up to regulate all online casinos. The main concern of the Kanhawake Gaming Commission was to make sure that all online gaming activities were fair and legal and worked in a transparent way.

The gamblers

America being a developed country has the most number of people who have access to the internet. This meant that most of the gambling community was based in the United States. This was also the reason why the United States sought to stop online gambling by appealing to the world trade center. After the world trade centre ruled in favour of the Caribbean government, many online casinos sprang up one after the other. People saw the potential of this industry and were suitably rewarded.

There was another attempt in the United States house of representatives to stop online gambling but yet again it failed. In today’s date there are more than four hundred online casinos operating legally in the world.

online casinos

online casinos

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