Planning A Reception In Chicagoland That Will Amaze Your Guests After The Wedding

Planning your wedding reception can often be a bit more fun than planning your wedding. This is the time when you get to enjoy being with your friends and family after the ceremony. Instead of a traditional experience with cake and dancing, consider a few of the other options available when planning Orland Park wedding receptions whether the event is indoors or outside.

The way that you arrive at the reception can be just as stunning as the wedding ceremony and the event itself. Although a limo is a popular option, you could also use a horse and carriage. Consider the distance that you have to travel from the location of the ceremony to the site of Orland Park wedding receptions so that you utilize the best method of transportation available.

Guests at the reception are known for making toasts to the bride and groom, but the newlyweds can also show their appreciation to their guests for their attendance and love. If you’ve decided to pay for the reception yourself, then this is a way that you can thank others for celebrating your special day together.

There are several ways that guests can be entertained during your reception. One is through the first dances between the bride and groom as well as between the groom, bride, and their parents. You can offer a bit of excitement with the dances by coming up with a fun routine to show your guests that will leave them surprised. Another way to entertain your guests is by asking novelty companies to set up at the reception. These include an artist who can paint pictures or even a magician who can capture the love that is shared between the newlyweds in a magical way. Try to keep your reception lighthearted instead of sophisticated as it’s a way to enjoy each other.

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